Thursday, June 26, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I will borrow a blog format from my friend Bold for my blog today.

THE GOOD - we had our final inspection on our house yesterday and passed. WHEW! This means no more absolute deadlines, and we're just about ready to move in.

THE BAD - over the last month I've only been able to do just a few key workouts here and there.

THE UGLY - I have WIBA this weekend and Steelhead in about 6 weeks. I'm looking so forward to seeing my Evotri buds and meeting a lot of cool people in Wisconsin at WIBA, but I'm dreading meeting Garfoot Hill!!

Tri moves to the top of my priority list today, and will have to stay there until November.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My nickel's worth...

While running this morning on the trail in Morgan City, I found a brand-new shiny nickel. And if my math serves me right, that means I get 5 wishes, correct? Well, I thought it was appropriate to spend my wishes on my Ironman on November 1, so as I ran, I spent them all. My wish list:

1. Regardless of the outcome, I will finish the Ironman day knowing I've done my best and given my all.

2. I will have an injury-free training program and race day.

3. I will be diligent and disciplined in my training; understanding that my life balance will be somewhat tilted toward training and away from the rest of my life for a few months, but that this tilt of balance will hopefully be justified by the life lessons learned by me and those close to me during my journey.

4. I will maximize my potential with the incredible opportunity I've been given through Team Evotri, and that others will be helped or encouraged in some way through my Ironman experience.

5. As an old man one day, I will reflect back on my journey to Ironman, and I will be filled with pride, joy, and awe of what I have accomplished.

I don't even remember what I was thinking about before I found the nickel. I love when my thoughts are jolted by such random occurrences.