Friday, March 26, 2010

Registration opens for Snake Bite Tri 2010 !!

Registration for the 2010 Snake Bite Super Sprint Triathlon is now open!! For details about registration, click here.

Highlights of changes for 2010:
1. The swim course is being moved to a cooler, deeper section of the lake.
2. The run course will be through the beautiful Brownell Memorial Park and Carillon Tower.
3. A section of Lake End Park campground will be opened and reserved (at reasonable rates) for triathlon participants interested in camping for the weekend.

A lot of things will be the same. We're still planning an incredibly fun, safe, laid-back race. We're still going to have a rockin post race party with plenty of food, drink and music. We're still planning a nice goody bag, including a Headsweats visor, and plenty of door prizes. And we're still planning on tremendous support from our community, including some of the most generous sponsors and happiest volunteers you'll ever come across in any triathlon.

Click here to read our participant reviews from last year.

Check back here for more details. We look forward to seeing you at the race!

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Andy said...

Super Sprints are always fun!!! They are over before you know it... while at the same time begging you to max your heart rate and induce you to revisit your breakfast all at the same time. Le sigh, I miss the days of the super sprint :) Have a good weekend.