Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Steelhead in pictures

It was great to be with friends - Stu, Pharmie, Wil and Sara

Evotri's newest member, J.P., on the left.

Lake Michigan way too angry for a swim.

The men's room before the race start.

Sweet in full stride.

A pretty tight transition area.

Steve, tri supporter extraordinaire, in the "yellow bowl of sunshine" shorts.

Me, laughing at Steve no doubt.


How great are our volunteers?

The cruel quicksand pit at the end.

Special thanks to James, team photographer, for the above pics.

We're all so proud of Rural Girl's qualifying for the 70.3 Championships!

Special thanks to John and Tracy for the pics below.

Amy, all smiles.

The race was an early start for John on a Saturday morning. Too early.

John, much better after a nap.

Penni powering the run.

Cousin Miles on the bike.

Miles on the run through the pit. Almost done!

Me approaching the finish line.

Me debriefing with Coach Dan of Vision Quest Coaching.


Lula's mom said...

Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - dang cha - you are super HOT

ShirleyPerly said...

Thanks for all the photos! Looks like a fun day.

Simeon of Kent said...

Those pics were fabulous, thank you! you guys ROCK!