Sunday, March 9, 2008

Meeting the team

I went to Chicago for a quick visit to meet my fellow Evotri team members and to have a baseline assessment done at Vision Quest coaching. I was a little apprehensive about going to Chicago - didn't quite know what to expect.

Well, I have to say I had an unbelievable time. Thursday morning, I found my way to Vision Quest (an awesome facility!) and met the rest of the team. What an incredible group of individuals - I felt immediately comfortable with them.
The assessment was very comprehensive, measuring strength, flexibility, agility, etc. A swim analysis was done by Chicago Blue Dolphins, and with just a few pointers I felt a lot of improvement in my stroke. I also had a lactate threshold test given to me by Robbie Ventura where you spin on a trainer pretty hard for 40 minutes, with your lactic acid level being measured by fingerstick blood tests. Robbie also gave us a few talks about power training - I've never used power meters in training, but they seem like AWESOME tools to use. I was also able to meet my VQ coach Dan, who seems like he's going to be great to work with - he's already sent me my first 2 weeks of "assignments" based on information gained during the assessment.

BOTTOM LINE from Chicago - I love the team, and I have lots of room for improvement in triathlon.

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