Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simply Stu Worldwide Triathlon !!!

The Simply Stu Worldwide Triathlon starts tomorrow !

It runs March 28-30, and everyone can participate. It's very easy - all you do is swim, bike, and run sometime this weekend. Anytime this weekend.

Swim a few laps in the pool at the health club or at a friend's house - check! Ride the old Huffy around the neighborhood - check! Run along the trail at the park - check! Done - you're a triathlon finisher !! Get others to do it with you - your spouse, kids, friends, grandma, whoever. I promise you'll enjoy it - there will be people all over the world doing the same.

Check out Stu's blog for more details. And don't forget about my other teammate Michelle's Run the World campaign that starts March 31!

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