Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today is a beautiful day

Email sent March 1, 2008

Today is a beautiful day.

Charlie Parsiola is the newest member of Team Evotri, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU !! Check out the announcement at - there's even a link to listen to my reaction as I'm told that I've won.

I have been absolutely flabbergasted by the show of support from everyone. I cannot believe that people would take the time and trouble to vote for me not once...not twice... but THREE TIMES in this competition !! I'm humbled by this fact and hope that I can do enough good within the endurance sport community to earn this confidence placed in me.

Team Evotri's mission statement: "The members of Team Evotri will challenge themselves and others to live a healthy and active lifestyle through endurance sports. Given the extraordinary opportunity to train and race with the same equipment and coaching of the pros, they will dedicate themselves to maximizing their potential, to sharing what they learn from their experiences, and to making a positive contribution to the endurance sport community." Having won membership on the team means that I am fully sponsored and given all the equipment and coaching of professional triathletes. In return, they ask 2 things of me: race with the team twice a year, and share my training and racing experiences with others. I'll soon be setting up a blog for anyone interested in following my experiences.

Special thanks to Bruce France with Mondo Bizarro in New Orleans ( who produced the awesome video that won this competition.

Again, thanks to everyone for this show of support. Please forward this email to anyone who had anything to do with this competition.

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